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Eat Healthy, Eat organic

PANGASINAN farmers are starting to produce organic native vegetables. Photo by Gabriel Cardinoza

EATING healthy could be a luxury these days!

With so many constraints, like the high cost of healthy foods or the time needed for preparation or to buy good food for the family, many people just resort to instant meals like noodles which is affectionately called comfort food, apparently to hide the fact that noodles are just “laman tiyan” to satisfy a grumbling stomach for it has no nutritional value of consequence. So be aware that whatever you put in your mouth could later cause you your health.

Nevertheless, all is not lost as we can now eat healthy at a much affordable price courtesy of the Agro-Technical and Livelihood Assistance in the North (Agtalon), a non-governmental organization of farmers which aims is to encourage people to eat foods that are grown naturally or processed naturally. In short, foods that are without any harmful chemical or food additives.

The Agtalon was established in 1987 in Barangay Nalsian, Manaoag, Pangasinan. It is an Ilocano word that means  “to farm.”

Victoria Padilla, Agtalon’s executive director, said more people are slowly becoming conscious of what they are eating. She added that the Agtalon’s three hectare farm produces organic rice, corn, vegetables, chicken and hogs and is trying hard to cope with the demand.

Padilla explained that farm produce is classified to be “organic” if it carries the certification of the Philippine National Standards for Organic Agriculture. She stressed that without such certification, a produce supplier cannot use the organic tag in his or her farm produce.

Moreover, Padilla said aside from producing organic foods, the Agtalon also aims to help farmers produce quality crops and to find markets for it.

The Agtalon is not only helping protect the environment from harmful pesticides or fertilizers but also helps farmers raise the quality of their farm products. And, the best part of it is it is providing healthy food for the people, Padilla said.

Nida Mendoza-Abu
Nida Mendoza is a veteran journalist who wrote for Malaya Newspaper in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. She also worked as a stringer for a number of foreign news wire agencies which include Jiji Press, Asahi Simbun and the Associated Press. She is currently the Lipa City based writer of Beyond Deadlines.

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  1. and we should also have organic market…as well as organically produce eggs etc…
    in here (N Z) the trouble is..organic products are a bit pricey compare to the chemically harvested crops…
    very informative article…

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