Boxer Mercito Gesta marries “big fan” in San Diego

Boxer/groom Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta with bride Summer Radaza. Photo © Claire and Co.

AS METHODICAL as he is as a boxer, it seems that Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta is as meticulous in finding a life-long partner for forestalled battles outside of the boxing ring.

Last Friday (October 20), Mercito married a longtime fan, Summer Radaza, in a simple and intimate ceremony at the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Laguna Nigel.

We started as friends in 2010. We fell in love two years later and then we got engaged three years after,” Mercito narrated.

So there, while fans might have known Mercito as a boxer who always want to end the fight early, in romance however, he apparently employed a different tactic — preferring to take his victory in round 12.

The pretty bride, Summer, revealed that the romance began on Valentine’s Day in 2012.

We both didn’t have anyone to date and so we decided to hang out together. It (romance) basically started from there,” Summer narrated.

Summer was a big sports fan but was not actually into boxing until he met Mercito.

My (farthest) memory of boxing was when I was a kid, when I was watching boxing with my grandfather,” Summer recalled.

According to her, her love for boxing bloomed when she realized the significance of the sport in the lives of those who were engaged in it.

People depend on it (boxing) for their shot at life, for their livelihood, for everything,” Summer noted.

Summer also recalled Mercito “flying like a butterfly” and decisively pummeling Mexican Ivan Valle to a knockout win when she first saw him in action.

Mercito and Summer were introduced by common friends and the meet up bloomed into a robust friendship.

The marriage proposal came a couple of months back. After a big fight, Mercito intimated, he realized that he has to decide and fight to keep Summer in his life.

Days before the marriage, Mercito posted on social media: “We’ve been through a lot of challenges and obstacles together, but through it all you have always been there for me. You have never given up on me, and I truly admire your unconditional love for me. You are my rock, my soulmate, and my other half. That is why I am marrying this wonderful and beautiful woman in my life. This is the week of our wedding my laaby. I’m excited for us! love you!”

Asked about his plan, Mercito said he wants to see “my junior right away.”

The rising star boxer added he wanted to sire at least three kids with his wife Summer.

The families of both Mercito and Summer hailed from Mandaue in Cebu, Philippines. While Summer grew up in Laguna Nigel, she has been in and out of the Philippines since she was 13 years old.

This year, Mercito has beaten two Mexican fighters in succession, Gilberto “El Flacco” Gonzales (via unanimous decision) in April and Martin “El Brochas” Honorio (via knockout) in July.

Mercito is under the tutelage of legendary coach Freddie Roach and under contract with the Golden Boy Promotions.

During an interview early this year, Mercito said Roach did not change anything out of his fighting style.

Yun ang maganda sa kanya (Roach). Hindi niya binabago ang fighting style mo. Dahil style mo na yun eh. Ang ginagawa niya ini-enhance niya ang skill mo sa iyong fighting style,” Gesta added.

Mercito is based in San Diego and fights in the lightweight division. He was trained by Carl Espinosa, a brother of boxing titlist Gerry, in 2006. When Carl had trouble with his working permit in the US, Gesta returned to the tutelage of his father Aniceto who was his original trainer when he was starting in boxing.

Mercito said aside from Roach’s genius, he also expects to benefit from Wild Card Gym’s core of world-class boxers.

Malaking bagay din po kasi kapag mahuhusay ang mga sparring partners. Talaga pong nasa-simulate ‘yung makakalaban mo,” Gesta added.


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