Domesic Violence Awareness Month commemorated in Texas

Ms. Aileen Lu while giving an inspirational talk. Image © Aileen Lu

THE United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce early this month led the commemoration of the Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Pearland, Texas to bring hope to victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Miss Aileen Lu, a recipient of the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for combating domestic abuse and pursuing justice for its victims across the Greater Houston area and abroad, graced the event which took place on Oct. 1.

The USVCC, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse Inc., The Daily Pink Foundation, Frank White Sports and Entertainment Foundation, Mending Broken Hearts are among the few volunteer organizations assisting, getting actively involved, not only in this event, dubbed as Harvest of Hope; but in the fight against Domestic Violence.

These organizations also have volunteers assisting in accepting donations of much needed personal care items that will be donated to the Houston Area Women’s Center and Brazoria County Women’s Center. The goal was to get a good amount of shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, make up, personal care/hygiene items to help women in shelters restart their lives.

Participating vendors in the event had a special sale at their booth for customers who are donating personal care items. 

There were also family activities for all ages. Raffles and silent auctions were held thanks to Mary Kay, K Hampton Shoes, ASEA, Flawless Diamonds and many more.

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