Filipina doctor writes about the “miracles” in her life

“I WAS born in a cowl, which to the superstitious, foretold good luck.”

“Well, it must have been true. Otherwise, how else to explain how I survived leaving my mother’s uterus with the umbilical cord twice wrapped around my neck.”

So goes the first two paragraphs of Dr. Erlinda Eustaquio Grey’s autobiography entitled “Miracles through prayers.”

Dr. Grey, during her book’s launching on Saturday at the Filipino Cultural Center in downtown Los Angeles, highlighted her belief in prayers and miracles on which she attributed her fascinating journey — tracing her steps from a humble neighborhood in Santa Maria, Bulacan in the Philippines up to the affluent and cutting edge environs of Los Angeles and its suburbs.

“Four times, I nearly died. I figured in a head-on collision and in another incident, my car flew off and turned turtle. But I’m still here, still fully equipped to fulfill my mission and destiny. God is good.” Dr. Grey said.

Taking the trip into Dr. Grey’s life story isn’t like a roller coaster ride but more like a “kalesa” ride — not too smooth, not too bumpy either — but an entertaining ride nonetheless.

In the book, readers are certain to come across perennial experiences and occurrences retold from an atypical perspective. Minuscule yet precious bits of insights abound from page to page to help refine one’s thoughts about love, joy, hope and faith.

“You would see a lot of Bible quotes in the book but I wasn’t really trying to preach. I was simply sharing parts of the Bible that I thought perfectly provided me the wisdom that I needed in every crucial point in my life,” the doctor explained.

Dr. Grey, who was at almost at the doorstep of a Catholic convent before she was ushered to the medical profession, is the medical director/owner of the San Fernando Mission Medical Clinic at 8215 Van Nuys Boulevard, Panorama City (818-901-0373).

She is married to former concert pianist Maestro Dexter Grey. The couple lives in a mansion on top of a Hollywood hill, which their friends adoringly refer to as the “Castle.”

Dr. Grey said some of proceeds of the book sale would go to the renovation efforts on the Filipino Cultural Center in the historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles.

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