PH President Rodrigo Duterte slams European Union anew

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday blasted the European Union members states anew due to their continuing criticism of his bloody anti-drugs war and dared their ambassadors to leave the country within 24 hours.

Duterte made the dare five days after the independent Geneva based Human Rights Watch (HRW) warned that the Philippines could be eased out of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) should the unabated killings of drug suspects continue.

The president, in a speech during the inauguration of the newly renovated press briefing room in Malacañang, said the Philippines cannot be expelled from the UN that easily because China, Russia and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will not agree to it.

Unmindful of the fact that the UN itself has not threatened to remove the Philippines from the 47-nation rights council or the 193-member world body itself, Duterte said “You want to expel us? You try. Your $1,000 will earn P1 million from me if you can expel us from the UN. Bakit, papayag kaya ang Russia pati China? Ulol pala kayo eh. You think China and the rest of the countries in ASEAN will agree to that? Where will be the crucial vote that will come? The Security Council. And you think Russia and China will allow that?”

“Kasi ang pagtingin niyo kasi sa amin, walang alam sa Charter ng United Nations. You think we are a bunch of morons here. You are the one,” Duterte added.

“The ambassadors of those countries listening now. Tell me, because we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You leave my country in 24 hours. All, all of you,” he said.

“We will not allow anybody, not even the United States, to dictate on us. And I will tell it straight during the November… in the ASEAN,” said Duterte, in reference to the upcoming ASEAN summit where world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, are set to arrive.

Duterte’s recent anti-European tirades was apparently sparked by the October 9 statement of a small delegation of socialist and progressive parliamentarians from Europe who called for a halt in drug-related killings warning that the country could lose trade perks with the EU if it fails to measure up to human rights standards. (Read More:

Meanwhile, hours after Duterte lambasted the EU, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella clarified that the President’s “expression of outrage” was pertaining to the statements of the seven-member delegation of international parliamentarians who had “falsely portrayed itself as an EU mission.”

“This delegation’s irresponsible statements protesting the alleged killings under the Duterte Administration demean our status as a sovereign nation,” said Abella.

“The call of the President for EU ambassadors to leave the country in 24 hours must be taken in this light. For so long, our President tolerated these undue interference in our domestic affairs, and he has decided that these must stop if only to preserve the integrity and dignity of our State as a sovereign nation,” Abella said.

The EU Delegation in the Philippines, for its part, said it had nothing to do with the parliamentarian’s Manila visit and disassociated from its statements.

As this developed, has reported that Duterte, during the same inaugural affair, bared that he “refused” US$18-20 million from the United Kingdom saying “mabubuhay rin tayo.” He, however, did not say why he refused the funds from the UK nor give any details on what it was meant for. (Read More:

Last May, Duterte has declined about US$278m (UK£216m) in financial aid from European Union due to the EU’s alleged interference in local affairs. But as with other international donors, the aid comes with conditions, among them, adherence to the rule of law. (Read More: 

In response, the EU said “it will not beg” the Philippines to accept European aid as there “is no lack of other countries” to help…

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Nelson Flores, J.D., MSCK
A former reporter of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Standard Today, and a regular columnist of the Metro Manila based daily tabloid newspaper Hataw; Nelson Flores is also the former Senior Associate Editor of the Houston based Fil-Am Press and former anchor of dzXL and dzRJ's weekend talk show Usaping Bayan. Mr. Flores has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Law degrees from the University of Santo Tomas and Adamson University and a holder of a study certificate from the Diocesan House of Studies, Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI). He is a Freemason and member of Reagan Lodge 1037 in Houston Heights under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas and a member of the Missionary Society of Christ the King (MSCK).

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