Beyond Deadlines has been viewed for more than 100,000 times since last year

BEYOND Deadlines officially started its operation last February 17, 2016 in a bid to offer Filipinos an alternative news source. albeit in a much smaller scale, and initiate meaningful conversations in the hope that the ideas emerging from these dialogues would lead to the empowerment of those who truly need it — the poor, deprived and the oppressed.



Our electronic news site hopes to positively contribute in the changing reading habits of Filipinos worldwide by making them aware of local and  international events sourced from alternative but reputable news sites. It is also for these reasons that Beyond Deadlines use English and Filipino on equal terms as it delivers news and opinions to the public.

In a bid to measure our ability to reach the reading public in general and the Filipino in particular, Beyond Deadlines partnered with Google Adsense. Our 18-month partnership has enabled Beyond Deadlines to credibly gauge the extent of our reach worldwide.

Thus, in this connection, it is with great joy that Beyond Deadlines informs you, our readers, that as of today, Oct. 10, 2017 @ 0804H (US Central Time), Google Adsense has reported that our site has already been viewed 100,037 times all over the world. This is a no mean feat for an outfit that runs only on the free time and talent of its writers and reporters.

To our readers, I say thank you for the support rest assured that we will do everything to make Beyond Deadlines your worthwhile reading.

To the writers and reporters of Beyond Deadlines, I take off my hat to you for your dedication to our craft. It is with much humility and gratitude that I thank you for all your services and I pray that you will continue to support our Beyond Deadlines family.

God bless us all

Rev. Nelson Flores, LL.B., MSCK
Publisher, Beyond Deadlines

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