CCP’s NeoFilipino dance series soars on Oct. 7-8

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines presents “NeoFilipino: Other Matters,” a platform where contemporary choreography becomes the process and medium of exchange that engages both artists and audiences.

This year, the NeoFilipino event features five contemporary works by established choreographers JK Anicoche, Novy Bereber, Christine Crame, Ma. Elena Laniog, and Ernest Mandap. The event is to be featured on Oct. 7 and 8, at 2 and 7 pm., at the CCP’s Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino

“The five choreographers engage in a discussion (through their works) on various contemporary issues such as homosexuality, role of social media, contradictory nature of life, tensions within a democratic society, and the canonic declarations of the classics through dance and movements,” organizers said.

In “15 Minutes of Your Time,” Manila-based performance-maker JK Anicoche curates dance work that brings together people from communities who have been on the interface of social media: friends lists, friend posts, news and/ or viral Facebook videos to test, investigate and challenge proximity beyond the flat interface of everyday news and happenings online, organizers said.

Anicoche piece explores the idea of performance as interface taking bodies on stage in shared space and time outside the confines of flat online interfaces of social media.

Australia-based choreographer Novy Bereber takes inspiration from an octopus for his work “Fugue Pulpo 2.0.”

Bereber has been intrigued by the sea creature, and is moved by its qualities (four hearts, three brains, no bones, communicates by changing its color and shape, and by creating myriad textures, as well as its frightening attitude towards love) and its cycle of life.

With music by Krina Cayabyab and projections by Steven Tansiongco, Bereber enjoins his dancers to mimic the movements of octopus, and to delve with questions of love, and all the theories and philosophies that accompany it.

Crame, artistic director of the St. Benilde Romançon Dance Company and the Seven Contemporary Dance Company, brings to the stage “Swans,” a re-staged excerpt from her recent production “Swan Lake: By the Lakeside.”

Crame’s piece deconstructs one of the enduring pieces of the classical ballet repertoire, as it plays with broken lines to contrast with the canonic ballet line and experiments with syncopated movements.

“On The Wings of 44,” Laniog dwells on her personal conviction about the passing of the SAF 44. Moved by current events, she takes this tragic issue as “an enlightenment.”

Mandap’s “Zebra” focuses on homosexuality, its stereotypes, and one’s inner identity crisis. Strongly influenced by his colleagues, Mandap explores whether homosexuality should still be an issue today.

Working with a new set of bodies, he uses all the dancers’ capabilities, and challenges them to trust themselves in his movements as they tackle a different style of dance.

Initiated in 1987, NeoFilipino is the third part of the CCP’s Choreographers Series, specifically designed to nurture and further the choreographic art in the Philippines. Its particular focus is on contemporary dance.

The brainchild of Denisa Reyes and Myra Beltran, NeoFilipino is a platform for Filipino choreographers to make dance the central force, the impetus, the muscle in collaborating with other art forms such as music, visual arts, theatre, literature, and film.

Through innovative movement explorations, dance artists create experimental and provocative works that inquire about issues relating to Philippine traditional and contemporary life.

For inquiries and other concerns, please contact 0917-513-6604. Tickets are at Php500 (with discounts for students, senior citizens, PWDs, and government and military personnel). Please visit the CCP Choreographers Series Facebook page.


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