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‘Concierge medical clinic’ now in PH

Centre Medicale Internationale “front desk”

PEOPLE in need of quality health care services always consider getting the best value for their money.

Despite the high cost, the moneyed-class would even go abroad for their health concerns and consultations if they note they will get their money’s worth in doing so.

Choosing a doctor, a clinic or a health facility to visit for consultation, nowadays, is like the stressful ritual of shopping.

The comparison is not odd: best value for money; be it for a pair of shoes, cellular phone, watch, or clothes, and more important for health care services and providers.

But for most Filipinos, the questions are: does one go to a doctor who charges anywhere from 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos for a few precious minutes of face-to-face consultation? Or is there an alternative?

Seeing a doctor who charges 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos for several minutes of consultation may appear to be a rational choice because it looks ‘economical’.

However, there is a catch. Before one gets to see his or her doctor, there is the inconvenience of waiting from one hour, if one were lucky, to two or three hours, if the doctor is busy. This waiting time is hidden cost.

As they say time is money. Long hours spent waiting to see a doctor in a clinic or a hospital lounge can be costly.

In the end, a patient may pay only 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos for several minutes of face-to-face consultation. The hidden cost of waiting time of several hours, however, must also be factored in and computed.

For individuals who are always pressed for time and who do not have the luxury of waiting in line to consult with a doctor, there is a cutting-edge clinic in Bonifacio Global City staffed with experts, specialists, and health care professionals who will go out of their way to answer one’s health care services needs.

The new clinic is called Centre Medicale Internationale (CMI) located at the 2F Ore Central, 31st St. corner 9th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

David Zuellig, chairman of the Z Healthcare Asia Holdings Corp., said the CMI is “envisioned to be the premier outpatient clinic specializing in concierge healthcare service.”

The CMI will deliver a connected care patient experience through its efficient process workflow and advanced clinic operating system,” Zuellig told a media briefing.

The CMI will provide a multi-disciplinary, integrated patient-centric service to its patients through ethical, excellent, and evidence-based management,” Zuellig said.

David Zuellig and Dr. Hazel Zuellig

We lived abroad. We have seen that the medical care abroad is so different from the Philippines. For example in Singapore, people don’t go to hospitals directly. One only goes to a hospital when he or she is bleeding. Or in serious condition. Or must be admitted,” Dr. Hazel Zuellig, CMI board director and president of Z Healthcare Asia Holdings Corp., said.

Otherwise, there would general practitioners in clinics who would be observing and assessing patients before recommending admission to a hospital, Dr. Zuellig said.

CMI, which specializes in “concierge medicine,” is owned by the Z Healthcare Asia Holdings Corp.

Dr. Zuellig told media: “Imagine having your own care specialist organizing your medical appointments, having a team of more than 150 of the country’s highly-trained medical doctors representing 40 different specialties address your every health need at your most convenient time.”

Dr. Zuellig said CMI was the first to introduce “concierge medicine” in the Philippines, although the model is common abroad.

CMI will raise the bar of medical services in the country. CMI will set an example to other clinics and help the country improve its healthcare system and services,” Dr. Zuellig said.

Concierge is a French word to describe a hotel employee who stands at the reception area, whose job is to make things comfortable for the guest. A guest goes to the concierge if you want a newspaper, if you want concert tickets, if you want to book a venue. The concierge is there to grant your wishes. We are offering concierge medicine in the Philippines. We have customized the healing processes,” Dr. Zuellig said.

Among the reasons why CMI was introduced in the country is to address the increasing demand for high quality healthcare of the local population.

The first of its kind in the country, CMI recognizes the uniqueness of every client and is responsive in offering a variety of specialized programs tailor fitted for every individual,” Dr. Donn Mc Angelo Valdez, CMI, said in the same media briefing. Dr. Valdez is the president and medical director of CMI.

Concierge healthcare is further exemplified through CMI’s comprehensive healthcare service and customized healing approaches handled by a team of top-notch medical specialists assembled to fit a patient needs,” Dr. Valdez said.

CMI offers medical consultations, personalized health programs, and a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with its trademark healing with a heart,” Dr. Valdez said.

The CMI has top-of-the-line medical equipment, online and mobile appointment system, and secure electronic medical records. All these within a tranquil setting that guarantees comfort, privacy, and confidentiality,” Dr. Zuellig said.

CMI aims to “redefine the landscape of health services by focusing all efforts in nurturing every patient experience,” Deogracias Villadolid, a CMI board of director, said.

Saying the quality of CMI services is comparable to the best healthcare facilities overseas, Villadolid said CMI doctors and medical staff “take time to make clients and patients feel comfortable and truly cared for.”

By bringing world-class quality into healthcare, CMI is definitely changing the landscape of medical services in the Philippines. Without the long lines and the noise of big medical centers, the clinic provides a healing environment that is serene and relaxing,” Villadolid said.

Dr. Valdez said the presence of the latest medical equipment in CMI diagnostic and therapeutic suites allows patients to have immediate and convenient access to laboratory exams, imaging, medications, and specialized services that are part of providing an efficient technology-based place of practice for physicians.

Ibarra C. Mateo
A journalist since 1983, Ibarra C. Mateo is also an editor, a researcher, and a communication consultant.

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