PH airport authorities preparing to receive hurricane Irma evacuees

Hurricane Irma as it pummels Puerto Rico Photo ©

THE Manila International Airport Authority is preparing to receive Filipinos fleeing from the devastation brought about by hurricane Irma in the American territory of Puerto Rico.

The MIAA said at least 132 Filipinos are expected to arrive Wednesday night on board a Department of Foreign Affairs chartered Philippine Airlines flight. Among the expected evacuees are three expecting mothers, two elderly, an infant and a wheelchair bound passenger.

The evacuees, the MIAA said, availed of the repatriation program offered by the Philippine government. The evacuees are said to have lost their properties because of hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma was described as “extremely dangerous” when it landfall in the island of Barbuda on September 6, and barreled its way across the Caribbean.

Reports said there were about more than 150,000 Filipinos that were badly affected by hurricane Irma.


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