The GOOD LIFE 2017: A Celebration and Summit on Health, Wellness and Healing

Summit organizers Ermi Estialbo, Mylin Gilbuela and James De Leon.

ACCORDING to the World Health Organization, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Considering this definition, keeping fit and healthy sure sounds challenging but exciting because now it includes leading a socially and economically productive life.

Staying healthy is not an inactive state of being as it is a dynamic process of continuing adjustment and adapting to daily changes.

Each person’s lifestyle varies and is sometimes dependent on gender, age and social status. A man’s daily activities vary from that of a woman’s. An older person may spend his time socializing with other similarly-aged friends while a younger person may opt to work, work and work. A low income family may choose to spend their weekends in nearby parks while high income earners will spend theirs outside the city.

What makes everyone inter-related is that whatever social status, gender or age group you may belong to, the state of well being is a balance of four aspects – mental, physical, social and emotional conditions.

Health proponents believe an equilibrium of these four is tantamount to the state of health and wellness. When a person is mentally alert, physically fit, socially active and emotionally stable, that is the time that one may be considered healthy.

Nowadays, staying healthy is taken to be easy. With the advent of technology, various sources of information on health are available online in just one click. All one needs to do is “Google” a subject on the internet and a long line of sites are listed. However, this becomes tedious since it is a hit and miss action, trying to visit site upon site of health information and gauge whether this will work for you or not.

This is why good-minded proponents organized an event to dispel all myths and give factual information on health and wellness.

Come August 12-13, 2017, people from all walks of life are cordially invited to be part of The Good Life 2017: the The Philippines’ First Integrative Health and Wellness Summit.

The line-up of activities for this event is not just promising but totally realizable. The activity will showcase new ways in keeping everyone alive and kicking. From organic food and supplements to fitness exercises, this event will surely cater to one and all.

The Summit will also erase the usual misconceptions of most people that they have to resort to eating all organic food in order to keep fit. During the summit, attendees will be able to share their own health regimens and validate

if these are actually good for them or not. Also, there will be an exposition of products and services that will keep everyone fit and in good physical shape.

The First Integrative Health and Wellness Summit — (fb:, Instagram — will not just provide information on how to get rid of diseases but it will actually help the attendees follow a lifestyle that may form a shield from all forms of infirmity and afflictions. Most importantly, it seeks to provide participants with positive attitude towards balance in life.

Truly, this event is an encompassing learning activity, a mutual avenue of ideas that will help achieve the objective of staying hale and hearty.




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