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Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti calls for sobriety after two nights of protests


Anti Donald Trump proteters in Los Angeles Photo © http://trueviralnews.com
Anti Donald Trump proteters in Los Angeles Photo © http://trueviralnews.com

LOS Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today called for sobriety as the looming presidency of Donald Trump continue to spark protests in the city, in other parts of California and in the US, in general.

Mayor Eric Garcetti released the following statement:

I understand that the results of Tuesday’s election are painful for many of us, and this kind of engagement can be a meaningful part of the healing we need after such a long and divisive campaign.”

But walking and throwing objects onto freeways is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers — and it puts a heavy burden on people just trying make it home to their families or get to work safely,” Garcetti statement said, which was aired on TV news programs.

A total of 28 people have already been arrested since the night of November 9, shortly after the protest event was posted on Facebook. It was subsequently deleted but the protest went on.

The protest started peaceful and the demonstrators converged at the steps of the LA City Hall where they burned a pinata of Donald Trump.

However, as the crowd grew bigger, some groups marched to the I-101 freeway and stopped traffic — to the detriment of motorists who were stuck there for hours.

Protestors were estimated to be between 2,000 and 5,000 individuals. The biggest group gathered at N. Spring Street and W. 1st Street in front of Los Angeles City Hall and marched along N. Sprint Street up to W. 6th Street.

As they marched, the protestors shouted: “No Trump! No KKK! No fascism in the USA! Immigrants are welcome here!”

Some protestors played drums while they marched.

The protests were generally peaceful but there were reported incidents of people throwing stones and bottles on the streets, vandalism of police cars, building and other public structures.

They were also seen creating bonfires in the middle of the street.

At presstime, thousands of students are walking out of their schools and converging inside the University of Southern California (USC) campus.

Filipino Americans were also seen during the rallies among them the members of the Kabataan maka-Bayan (KmB or Pro-People Youth).

Eddy M. Gana, KmB chairperson sent the following statement:

“We, KmB Pro-People Youth, stand firmly against Donald Trump. We speak out of frustration and disappointment in this system that was never built to protect us. He does not represent us.

According to polls, Filipinos comprised the highest support for Trump amongst Asian American voters. As Filipino Americans today, we must challenge the 500 years of colonized mentality which preserves white supremacy. KmB, Pro-People Youth does not support the true colors of this nation, which are racism, xenophobia, and misogyny.”

Hiyasmin Saturay, an immigrant rights leader, said the involvement of Filipino Americans in the anti-Donald Trump rallies has its source in the growing apprehensions that the new administration would be harsh towards immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants.

The activist explained that Trump’s election apparently emboldened the racists among us and validated the hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric that were used during the presidential election campaign.

Francis Ramos, a member of immigrant rights Migrante Southern California said the election of Trump worried him.

Hindi pa kasi talaga permanent yung status ko at ng pamilya ko. At the same time, meron din akong mga kaibigan na LGBT. Parang bumabalik na naman na wala akong status at nag-aalala sa pwedeng kahihitnan mo dito sa America,” Ramos said.

Abner Galino
The author is a poet and a writer. He was a cultural worker before he became a reporter for Tinig ng Masa and Malaya Midday Edition during the Marcos regime. He later became a reporter of People's Tonight shortly after 1986 EDSA Revolution. He went on to become its Chief of Reporters, City Editor and News Editor. He retired after 15 years in the Journal Group of Publications. He now writes for Weekend Balita and the US Asian Post (USAP), weekly Filipino-American newspapers based in Los Angeles, California.

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