United Nations, A Brief History

United Nationas Headquarters in New York City ©
United Nationas Headquarters in New York City ©

The “idea” of creating the United Nations was born a few years before the First World War.

Initially, the idea was called “League of Nations” and was first mentioned in a work of fiction, a book entitled: “Phillip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935.” The author of the fictional book is Woodrow Wilson’s right hand man, Colonel Edward Mandell House who later admitted the book is based on fact but presented as fiction.

George Sylvester Viereck, Pres. Wilson’s biographer, said “the Wilson Administration transferred the Colonel’s ideas from the pages of fiction to the pages of history” He said Mandell’s novel, which was published anonymously two years before the First World War, he proposed the creation of “a League of Nations.”

After the Great War and despite enormous influence and money backing, the idea for a League of Nations came to naught because the United States did not support it. Nevertheless, at this time the plans for a United Nations is already on the drawing board. All that was needed to coerce the “sheep” into the fold was another BIG war. This was not a problem since the seeds for  a new war were already planted at Versailles, where Germany surrendered and accepted responsibility for the First World War.

Following Germany’s surrender, two committees were established to administer details of post-war policies.

Woodrow Wilson appointed Bernard Baruch to represent the US on the economic committee while Thomas W. Lamont of J.P. Morgan spoke for US (US banks, that is) interests on the financial Baruch’s group.

The committees decided that Germany should pay $12 billion in reparations and, together with other limitations on the German economy, the new German republic (The Weimar Republic) was surely doomed to fail.

With the downfall of the Weimar Republic, the social conditions would pave the way for the rise to power of Adolf Hitler.

Once the bankers were assured that Hitler was their man, rivers of money flowed out of the Federal Reserve to build Germany’s infrastructure and Adolf’s war machine. This all occurred during “the Great Depression” while the people of the United States were losing their farms, homes and jobs because there “wasn’t enough money.”

Similar actions were occurring in the Pacific to bring Japan towards war and eventually the Second World War became history with millions of people losing their lives as a consequence. In the midst of the carnage, the banks made huge profits along with the industrialists. For a limited few, WWII is successful business venture.

These same profiteers now resurrected the League of Nations but in a new banner, The United Nations.

For those who think the UN is a well-intentioned organization created to serve man, think again.

The UN is created to enslave man to serve its masters — the bankers and industrialists, the same good folks who brought Americans and the world the great depression, a couple of world wars, several “no win” police actions, drugs and a fairy tale educational system. What more could a nation of non-thinking sheep ask for?

Much of the material quoted on this page is taken directly from UN sources or other web sites.

Conclusions drawn from these materials are of the author’s. Others may draw differing conclusions based on the same material. Here, people are urged to look at the information available and form  their own conclusions.

Arturo Sampana
Art C. Sampana is a former correspondent of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He is a writing fellow at the Likhaan: University of the Philippines Institute of Creative Writing. His works were published in the Wall Street Journal (Hong Kong and New York Editions), Philippine Daily Express, Inquirer, and Republika among others. He is currently a correspondent of The Manila Times, the country's oldest newspaper.

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