Protests Against Police Brutality Flare Up Across the US

Photo © Face of a dying Nation
Photo © Face of a dying Nation

A new wave of protests against police killings of African Americans took place in the US on Thursday.

American TV channels are broadcasting live reports of unrest from different cities of the country.

In Washington, according to participants, about a thousand people gathered to protest. According to the reports, the protesters broke through the fence around the building of the US Congress.

Fox News Channel shows unrest and reports shooting in Dallas (Texas). According to the information from DART (Dallas Active Rapid Transport), four policemen ares dead, others got injuries.

One of the shooters was “neutralized” and the second is currently on the 7th floor of parking garage in the Bank of America building with AR-15 and body armor, some reports say.

At the same time Fox News shows a protest in New York City.

The protest in Dallas came after two African-American men were shot and killed by police in separate incidents that were widely shared on social media.

Police in the St. Paul, Minnesota suburb of Falcon Heights shot and killed Philando Castile late Wednesday night after pulling over his car for a broken tail light.

On Tuesday, the footage of Alton Sterling appearing to be pinned to the ground and shot in the chest by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana prompted the US Department of Justice to open an investigation into the incident.



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  1. T’was a good report from you guys of beyond deadlines, I watched these reports on local new in California earlier and beyond deadlines did 100% perfect, reading your report are the same with tv news here in california, more good news please.

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