Honeymooners jailed after yielding bullets in a Philippine provincial airport

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A HONEYMOONING couple is now celebrating their honeymoon in jail after they were found to be in possession of 14 bullets for a .22 caliber gun while about to board a Manila bound airplane in Aklan province.

Jerome Sulit and his wife were stopped from boarding their plane by policemen at the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, also known as Caticlan Airport, Thursday after security monitors discovered the bullets in Sulit’s luggage as it passes through the x-ray machine. The couple has just been wed.

When asked for documentation about the bullets, the couple failed to produce any. The couple was then whisked to a nearby police station for further investigation and probable filing of charges.

Unlawful possession of bullets and firearms in airplanes is prohibited under Philippine laws.

Meanwhile, Police Aviation Security Group (Avsegroup) Director C/Supt. Pablo Francisco Balagtas reiterated his earlier warning that the riding public should not bring any prohibited items while traveling, especially on an airplane. He expressed bewilderment why despite all the information that the airports have, some passengers keep on ignoring the prohibition on bullets.

Balagtas’ warning came n the heels of reports of the renewed activities of the dreaded “Bullet Planting Extortion Gang” at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The gang’s alleged latest victim is a septuagenarian couple who were stopped from boarding their US bound plane after a bullet for .357 gun was allegedly found in their possession.

The incident is still under investigation.


Benjie Vergara
A veteran reporter covering the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. He is currently writing for Manila Times, the Philippines' oldest newspaper.

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